Cello – is a multi-tenant SaaS development framework that can be used by architects and developers towards building their multi-tenant solutions in .NET. There is a high level of engineering complexity in building highly scalable, secured and configurable multi-tenant SaaS products. TechCello has attempted to package this engineering complexity as a productized framework and have it available in a format that is easily consumable and extendible by developers.


Cello is available as Development and Server license package, which has to be installed in developer’s machine and server machines respectively. Once installed Cello features can be consumed by Developers from within Visual Studio environment and the libraries can be used as like any other .NET libraries. Server environment will contain only the run time libraries of Cello.


Following are the key modules supported in Cello

Business Features

· Product Edition Management

· Subscription management

· Multiple Price Plans

· Trial Support

· Support for Reseller Model

· Billing Dashboard

· Customer Analytics

· Credit card/Pay Pal Support

· Payment Automation

· Metering

· Invoicing

· Revenue Tracking

· Customer Portal

Customer Service Features

· Tenant Settings Management

· Tenant Provisioning

· Self-Registration

· White Labeling

· Single Sign On

· Data back-up

· Product Analytics

· Query Builder

· Chart Builder

· Report Builder

· Business process customization

· Event Driven Integration

· Business Event Audit Streams

Product Engineering Feature

· Security Implementation

· Security Audits

· Data sharding

· Custom fields

· Dynamic Forms

· Business Process Workflows

· Notification

· Email Templates

· Code Templates

· Master Data Management

· Pick-up List

· Tenant Hierarchy

· Multi Cloud Support

SaaS Business

 50% savings in your engineering budget  60-80% reduction in support workload
 10X times reduction in operating expenses  Reduce customer churn
 40% increase in trial conversions  On time Payment collection
 50% reduction in implementation time and cost  Accurate and Transparent Billing
 Increase in customer life time value  Increased product value