I was curious about the Company code that has to be entered when a user logs in. I've created several users, and assigned them to tenants, but in order to login to them I have to use the company code of the tenant that they were created under. I can't use any of the company codes of the other tenants they were associated with to login to that tenant. So I guess what I'm wondering is, does the company code form field do anything? If i can't log directly into a tenant from the login screen except the tenant that user was created on is the Company field even necessary since it could be looked up?


Always a user must be created under a single tenant but then the user can be associated/linked to more than one tenant provided the associating tenant as well as own tenant mutually accepts user sharing.


Even when the user is associated in more than one tenant, the user will be validated against the primary tenant to whom he belongs to during the authentication process.


For Example:


Tenant A - has user named “Mary”

Tenant B - has user named “John”


When “John” is associated with Tenant A, John must login with Tenant Code of “Tenant-B” to login, but once he log in he will see Switch Tenant option at the Top Side right corner to switch to Tenant A with relevant Privileges and access rights.