We have the following requirements with respect to Metering.


  •  Consider, I have a max registration for a course as 100. In this scenario, can I add a milestone say 50? On doing this, once the registrations reaches 50, a mail should be triggered to the tenant admin or any other user.
  •  We have a course creation in the application. Can I set the maximum limit by tenant level and can I get some analytic reports like no of courses added already and number of courses can be added further?




The metering capability of CelloSaaS will cover these requirements, but you have to plug the other components of CelloSaaS such as Notification and Reporting to avail the Email and Report Facility. You can set the threshold level for all the features/modules in CelloSaaS at package level but not in tenant level. For ex you may set 50 courses for basic package and 100 courses for Gold Package and then assign the packages to one or more customers, all the customers who have basic package assigned to them will be able to create 50 courses post which they will receive an error message, but you may not be able to set the same at the tenant level by default. The alternative way to achieve tenant level threshold is to create custom package for each customer.




Triggering email logic should be written separately. Once the course count reaches its limit, CelloSaaS throws only exception. But it won’t send any email. So developers need to explicitly check the count and trigger email based on count.