Question : We have a scenario when a tenant is created newly, an organization (our entity. Basically a row in a table) need to be created automatically and associated with the newly created tenant. So is there a provision to execute a method when a new tenant is created?


Yes, There is a provision to custom methods.

Cello framework provides Pre and Post Processor Integration Points. Using Post Processor you can hook any logic such as executing a custom method after creating a tenant, similarly use pre processor to hook any logic that you would like to execute before creating a tenant. Please refer here to know more details about Pre/Post Processor.

Question : Can it be used with our application objects? When there is a CRUD operation on our entity, activity stream must be added. Right now we are doing it manually. Meaning we are directly registering the events in the appropriate service methods. Instead can we use the Cello Post processor here?

Answer: Yes, you can use your application/business related entities in Pre & Post processors.