Q: I'm getting an error after login to the CelloSaaS Framework? What would be the root cause of this issue?


This issue arises because of wrong assembly name in the Tab Menu Provider Assembly.

When you create a new project using Cello Web Application templates, make sure you don't have any space or special characters in the Project name (Refer Screenshot Attached). When there is a space or special characters in the file name, CelloSaaS replaces space with "_" like the below code snippet but at the same time assembly in the bin folder will be like this "CelloSaaSWebApp3" without the "_" and hence this conflict.

<MenuProvider defaultProvider="Tab">


      <add name="Default" assembly="CelloSaaS.View" type="CelloSaaS.View.MenuProvider"/>

      <add name="Tab" assembly="CelloSaaS_Web_App3" type="CelloSaaSApplication.TabMenuProvider"/>



To avoid this error, either don't have space in the project while creating new solution with CelloSaaS Template or Navigate to WebApp/Bin folder and check the name of the WepApp Binary name and replicate the same in the Web.Config file as well.