CelloSaaS has intentionally doesn't offer the Hard Delete option to delete a user from the system for the following Reason.

  1. To avoid accidental deletion of user.
  2. Hard delete of user sometimes involves deletion of personal and official data from the entire system which are not in the sight of CelloSaaS System

In order to hard delete a user make use of PermanentDeleteUser from  




Before you hard delete the user from the system, make sure you delete all the application residual data of the user.

If you used user id in your application DB then use can delete it in two ways,

1) Application Related Data to be handled in the controller wrapped in a "TransactionScope" for atomicity.

2) Use the Pre-Processor method to delete the application specific data.





· Implement the Pre-Processor class from IPreProcessorProvider.

· Implement your logic to delete the application related user data inside PreProcessorPermanentDelete method.

· Register the implemented pre-processor in Web.Config with UserDetailsPreProcessor Name.


<add name="UserDetailsPreProcessor" assembly="WebApplication" type="WebApplication.Models.UserDetailsPreProcessor"/>