In your service contract, declare an asynchronous method pair according to the .NET asynchronous design guidelines. The Begin method takes a parameter, a callback object, and a state object, and returns a System.IAsyncResult and a matching End method that takes a System.IAsyncResult and returns the return value. For more information about asynchronous calls,

Mark the Begin method of the asynchronous method pair with the System.ServiceModel.OperationContractAttribute attribute and set the System.ServiceModel.OperationContractAttribute.AsyncPattern property to true.


  IAsyncResult BeginServiceAsyncMethod(string msg, AsyncCallback callback, object asyncState);
  // Note: There is no OperationContractAttribute for the end method.
  string EndServiceAsyncMethod(IAsyncResult result);


Implement the Begin/End method pair in your service class according to the asynchronous design guidelines. For example, the following code example shows an implementation in which a string is written to the console in both the Begin and End portions of the asynchronous service operation, and the return value of the End operation is returned to the client.

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