How to get CelloSaaS for demonstration and testing 

1. Contact Techcello and ask for request for Demo instance.

2. Request that your organization be setup with a demonstration environment

3. Attend an introductory session, and review CelloSaaS documentation.

4. Once you get confirmation from Techcello, your test instance of CelloSaaS will be available.  This instance is for general testing only and will not be tailored to your organizational needs.

5. The demo instance will be availble for 3 days from the day of service.

6. Follow the Self Guided tour strictly, to understand the CelloSaaS features in detail.

You can actually test run Techcello in your development/server environment and see how it works with your data. Be aware that we recommend that you get training in CelloSaaS prior to use, so that you will get its full benefit, and that the version of CelloSaaS you use for evaluation will be generic, and not tailored to your organizational needs. If you have questions about the application, be sure to review the support pages and send a message to