CelloSaaS handles Globalization using Resource Files and all the UI elements such Labels, Dynamic Texts are enabled with Place Holders where the actual 

Content will be replaced with the content that comes from the respective Resource Files.


<div class="page-header">
                <%: this.GetLocalResourceObject("lbl_ERROR") %>
        <div style="margin-top: 20px; padding: 10px;">
            <%: this.GetLocalResourceObject("m_Contact")%><a href="mailto:support@techcello.com"
                title="Mail the TechCello support team">support@techcello.com</a>.


Note: CelloSaaS provides the Resource Files for English Language alone, Developers are requested to build resource files for other languages to be supported in their Application. When multiple Language Resource files are added, individual Tenants can select their language preference by navigating through My Account >> Account Settings