There are 2 ways to onboard a new tenant into the Cello System. They are

· Using Admin Dashboard

· Self Registration


On-boarding a Tenant using Admin Dashboard is a standard way of creating new tenants in CelloSaaS where the administrator of the product fill the details of the tenants and provide appropriate software package and pass on the credentials to the tenant and allow him to use the Software.

To create a Tenant using Administration Dashboard,

Login as Product Administrator >> Tenant >> Manage Tenant Details >> Click on Add

Similarly On-boarding a new customer without using the Admin User Interface can be achieved using the Self Service Portal. 

To create a Tenant using Self Service Portal,


Navigate to Login Page and click on Register link.

Note: Provisioning Subscriptions plans to Self Registration page Capability is only provided for the Super Tenant i.e. the Product owner/administrator. 

Note: To read more, How to Create/Manage Subscriptions & How to On-board Tenants using Dashboard and Self Registration