Yes, CelloSaaS provides an integrated and fully automated Recurring Billing Engine to take care of Billing & Invoicing for all of your Tenants. Customers who are using CelloSaaS Billing Engine need not integrate with any other solutions to manage recurring payments

 Below are the various features of CelloSaaS Billing Engine.

  1. Customer Life cycle
  2. Subscription Management 
  3. Sign Up a Customer
  4. Customer Portal
  5. Trial Period
  6. Charge Anything
  7. Statements & Receipts
  8. Upgrades & Downgrades
  9. Automated Notification Emails
  10. Billing Adjustments
  11. Manual Payments
  12. Dunning Management (Retry Payment collection incase of transaction fails)
  13. Service Notes
  14. Cancel a Customer
  15. What to Charge
  16. Recurring Charges
  17. Fixed Price
  18. Flexible Pricing 
    1. Step Pricing
    2. Threshold Pricing
  19. Metered/Usage/License Fees
  20. Coupons & Discounts
  21. Currencies
  22. Taxes

CelloSaaS Billing Engine

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