Billing Invoice YTD

Refers to the Total amount of cost payable to the ISV till the year to Date by the Customer 

Billing Invoice Amount

Refers to the Total amount of cost payable to the ISV by the Customer for the chosen Frequency. i.e Monthly, Quarterly etc

Bill Start Day

Refers to the start day of your chosen billing Cycle. For Ex: In a monthly frequency, the typical start day could be 1st of every month.

Bill Frequency

Refers to the frequency in which the bill will be generated. For Ex: Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Annual etc
 Bundled Usage Refers to the allocated resources for the given cost For e.g. Basic plan includes 5 Users, 10 reports etc is generally called as Bundled Package 


Global Role Refers to the Roles/Groups which are created by Production Owner/Administrator and assigned with privileges. Once created, The Roles will be available for all the Tenants across the product, and tenants are allowed to go ahead and assign and remove privileges.


Charge Day Refers to the day on which the billing will be generated. For Ex: 5th of every month, the cost will be deducted from the Tenants Account.


Tenant Refers to a Customer who are using the SaaS product. 
Tenant Specific Roles Refers to Roles/Groups created and managed by Tenants.
Total Tenants
All Tenants + Child Tenants
Total/Online Users

All the users of ISV at every level


Unrestricted Package Refers to the subscription package owned by Product Owner/ISV who have access to all the features & modules of the application.


Self-Service Provisioning Refers to the process of configuring selected packages to be exposed to the customers for them to choose and so a self sign up to the product.
Settings Template Refers to the collection of settings/attributes/parameters such as Password Expiration Policy, Date time Format, Logo, Themes etc collected as a template and defined with default values and assign this template to individual Tenants in the system.