Techcello is a Multi-tenant Application Development Framework for building or migrating SaaS Applications for any Cloud.  Techcello provides the Non Functional components required for building SaaS Applications such as Multi Tenancy, Scalable Architecture, Customizability & Configurability, Security and basic plumbing and engineering components such as Caching, Exception Management, Logging and Auditing etc. It also provides out of box SaaS features such as Tenant Management, Subscriptions, Recurring Billing & Metering, Workflow, Ad-hoc Report Builder etc.

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ISVs use Techcello to build software products and applications better and faster. Applications built on Techcello can be hosted anywhere from public cloud (such as amazon, azure) or private cloud to on premise serves. 

Techcello provides complete freedom, flexibility and control of custom development, without vendor or framework lock-in and still saves you from all the complexities and cost overheads of building and maintaining your own engineering framework.