TechCello is a SaaS Life Cycle Management Solution helps SaaS Developers and Providers to accelerate the SaaS Application development by providing a framework,  with all the Non Functional Requirements, click here to see the feature list.

There are 4 Major Stakeholders for the applications that use TechCello, they are

  1. Developers
  2. Product Owner (ISV)
  3. Support Agents
  4. Tenant Administrators


Developers are the primary users who use TechCello to develop, test, and deploy SaaS application, hence they come at the first level of the Application development Life Cycle.

Product Owners (ISV), the second major stakeholder who maintain and manage the entire product. 

Support Agents, are also the important Stake Holder since they have to make sure the application is always up without any issues.

Tenant Administrator, is a user with Tenant Administrator Privileges for a Tenant. In general Tenant Administrators will have the full rights to go ahead and customize the Look and Feel, Change the Workflow, Customize the Notifications etc.