Business Edition is a sliced version of the full blown Ultimate Edition of TechCello. Business Edition primarily comprises of the following Modeules and Features, they are


  • Product Editions 
  • Multiple Price Plans 
  • Fixed/Usage Cost 
  • Trial and Evaluations 
  • Upgrade/Downgrade 
  • Activation/Deactivation 

Customer Management

  • Tenant Provisioning 
  • Self Registration 
  • Customer Analytics 
  • Customer Portal 
  • Role based access control 
  • Support for Re-seller Model 


  • Metering Usage 
  • Invoice Generation 
  • Pro-ration 
  • Applying Tax/Discount rates 
  • Generic Adjustments 
  • Invoice Dashboard 


  • Credit Card Support 
  • Pay Pal Support 
  • Payment Automation 
  • Retry Policy 
  • Revenue Tracking 


Business edition is primarily for SaaS applications to automate the Recurring Billing, Payment Collection, Invoicing, Metering, Subscription & customer Management etc. Business Edition can be used by applications which are built on any technologies, for eg, .Net, Java, PHP, Rails etc. The Integration between Business Edition and your application will be completely through Web Services hence it is easy to integrate.

Ultimate Edition is primarily for applications built using .Net Technologies like Asp.Net MVC/Web forms etc. Ultimate Edition provides the full suit of components of TechCello like


  • Tenant Isolation Scanner 
  • N Level Tenant Hierarchy 
  • Tenant Based Data Sharding/Partitioning 
  • Tenant Data Partition Management 


  • User Management 
  • Role Management 
  • Privilege Management 
  • Privilege Check Filters 
  • SSO Claim Support 
  • Security Audits 


  • Themes and Logos 
  • Custom LoV 
  • Tenant Setting Templates 
  • Custom Fields 
  • Pre and Post processors 


  • Event Job Processors 
  • Dynamic end point configuration 
  • Notifications 
  • Batch Processing 
  • Templates 

Enterprise Engines

  • Business Process Workflow 
  • Business Rules 
  • Query, Chart and Report Builder 
  • Dynamic Forms 


  • Product Analytics 
  • Customer Analytics 
  • Query Builder 
  • Chart Builder 
  • Report Builder 

Data Management

  • Data Partition Management 
  • Data back-up 

Productivity Utilities

  • Integrated Performance Tracker 
  • Master Data Management 
  • Form Generation 
  • Code Templates

In order to consume all the features mentioned above, it requires some tight coupling between TechCello and you product, hence Ultimate Edition is primarily for .Net based Web based Applications.