Techcello Development Framework - Technical/Management Documentation for Business Edition

Welcome to CelloSaaS Framework! The below documentations are designed for developers, Product/Tenant administrators to get started with the key Modules and Features of Cello Framework.

Integration Guide

Topic Name of the Topic Description
01  Deployment Guide Step by Step Manual to help you deploy Techcello business Edition in IIS
02  Integration Guide Step by Step Manual to help you integrate your business solution with CelloSaaS Business Edition

How To Guides

Topic Name of the Topic Description
01  How to Create / Manage Subscriptions This topic explains about the Subscription Management Module of CelloSaaS, i.e How to register custom modules, How to Create/Edit/Delete Subscriptions, Self Registration Capability, Configure Usage Threshold etc
02  How to On-board Tenants using Dashboard and Self Registration This topic explains about the procedure to Create/Edit/Delete Tenants using Tenant Administration Module and Self Registration Capability
03   How to Authorization Server This section covers the modes of authentication which CelloSaaS framework supports, i.e. Cello Open-Id connect,  Active Directory via LDAP and Social Logins: Google, Facebook, Twitter.
04  How to Configure Security using CelloSaaS This section covers the primary attributes of security in the CelloSaaS Framework. i.e Introduction to Role based Access Control, Configuring Privileges via Fluent API, Functional Level Security, Page Level Security etc
05  How to Manage User / Roles This topic covers Roles and Users Management i.e. How to Create/Edit/Delete Roles and USers, Manage Privileges, Grant/Revoke privileges etc
06  How to Manage Logos and Themes
This topic covers how individual Tenants can customize Logos & Themes and other properties which are allowed by the Product Owner
07  Overview of CelloSaaS Billing Engine This topic covers overview of CelloSaaS Billing Engine,Components of Billing Engine, Taxing,Invoice Management, Retry Failed Payment etc
08  Configure Pricing Plans This topic explains the Concept of Pricing Plans for Subscription Management Module. i.e How to Create Pricing Plans, How Pricing Plans are associated with Subscriptions, Invoice Calculation etc
09  Metering Engine This topic briefly explains how usage metering will be handled in CelloSaaS Framework i.e How to Register Usages, Measuring Usages, Metering APIs etc
10  Prepaid Pricing Plan This topic describes how to configure and charge SaaS subscribers via Prepaid billing model.
11  Postpaid Pricing Plan

This topic describes how to configure and charge SaaS subscribers via Postpaid billing model.

12  Configuring Pickup List This topic outlines the usage of Pick up list component of CelloSaaS, i.e How to Add/Edit/Delete Pick-up List, How to Manage Pick-up List Values, Mapping Pick-up List to Custom Fields and Base Fields.