Version : 4.3.2

Release Date : 09/12/2013

Download Link : CelloSaaS4.3.2


1. Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework

2. Visual Studio 2012

3. MS SQL Server 2008 or MS SQL Server 2012


5. Windows 7 or Windows 8 for Development machine

6. Windows Server 2008/R2 or Windows Server 2012 for Production Deployment

Installation Guide

1. Install "CelloSaaSPackage.vsix"

2. Create a database (e.g. "CelloSaaSDb") and execute DbScripts.sql

3. Open VS2012, File->New Project

4. Choose Visual C#-> CelloSaaS Web App project template

5. Open Sql.config and change the connection strings

6. Run the application

Product Admin login credentials:

Company Code: company (Not Case Sensitive)

User name: (Not Case Sensitive)

Password: company#123 (Case Sensitive)

New Features 

1) EF 6.x DbContext and POCO Item Template 

2) Exceptions and Logs (Database listener) and UI

3) Partition Management

4) CelloSaaS Debug toolbar (beta)

5) Minor enhancements

       a) Tenant page pagination

       b) Authorize.NET hosted form integration

       c) Template place holder changes (support for 'dot' (.) in XML mode)

       d) Tenant analytics and user sharing issue fixes

       e) Reset User password (default password) in UI

6) Updated CelloSaaS.Module project template contains full CURD opeartions code to get you started.

7) Changed default Encryption Algorithm to AES (from 3DES)