Base Version : 4.3.2

Version :

Release Date : 16/04/2014

Download Link : CelloSaaS4.3.2.1

This patch version contains the following changes

  1. Render PickupList in CelloForm View mode.
  2. Share User.
  3. Checkbox issue fix in Master Data.
  4. Register usage through Fluent API.
  5. Virtual Entity Creation issue.
  6. Event Scheduler Issue fix.
  7. Notification Description issue fix.
  8. Query Builder Issue fix.
  9. Workflow Designer Issue fix.
  10. Data Scope issue fix.
  11. Access Denied page included.
  12. Restrict the Tenants from Overriding the Dispatch details of the email Notification.

How to apply patch

1) Run UpdateScript.sql in CelloSaaS DB

2) Replace the following files from CelloSaaS4.3.2.1 to your Web Application


















 v)Views -> ChartDetails


 vi)Views -> NotificationConfig





 vii)Views -> QueryBuilder


 viii)Views ->Shared


3)Add the following files in your web Application from CelloSaaS4.3.2.1





 ii)Content-> images


 iii)Views -> Error

  •  AccessDenied.aspx