We’ve created a couple of modules, we’ve added them to the web app as Areas and we have added them to the web.sitemap:

<siteMapNode url="Solicitud/Solicitud/Index?rel=nofollow" title="Solicitudes" iconClass="icon-3x icon-magic">

<siteMapNode url="Solicitud/Solicitud/Index" title="Solicitudes" />


<siteMapNode url="ControlStatus/Control/Index?rel=nofollow" title="Control" iconClass="icon-3x icon-magic">

<siteMapNode url="ControlStatus/Control/Index" title="Control" />



Finally we’ve configured the entity permission at entityPermissions.Config this way:

<add name="/ControlStatus/Control/index" AuthorizationRule="P:Search_Control"/>

<add name="/ControlStatus/Control/MeteringLogDetails" AuthorizationRule="P:Search_Control"/>


With this scenario, we always can see these modules even with a tenant which subscription doesn't include them. Are we missing some configuration?


Your configurations are correct, except the casing. Kindly note that the url or controller name/action method name should be entirely in lower case and not in upper case.