Techcello provides various points to extend the functionality

1)Views and Controllers : Techcello ships with the code for views and controllers and hence it is very easy to do any view level or minute functionality related customizations for the administration functionality.

2)Interface driven approach using IOC Container : Techcello Multi-Tenant Architecture follows SOA principles and built in self-contained, modularized approach. The framework is built around interfaces which facilitates extending the business aspects according to the need of the application. Cello realizes all the services via the IOC container. Hence any specific service can be replaced by inheriting the respective interface, decorating the class by wrapping the cello services and registering this in the IOC container.

3)Pre and Post Processer Hooks: Cello offers hooks called post and pre processors which run after any transaction of any entity. This enables the product to add set of custom logic to be executed pre and post transactions. For example, you may want to capture information about new Users that are created in the system and communicate that information to a third-party service such as QuickBooks or Xero Accounting Softwares. You can build the additional logic which connects and transfers the data from the business application to third party apps using the combination of Pre/Post Processors of Techcello.

Cello offers a lot of functionalities to configure the application developed on top of cello to the needs of customer such as

1)Configurable Workflows

2)Custom fields

3)Adhoc querybuilder

The same can be applied to the cello features as well wherever applicable.