This article outlines Single Sign On support with Techcello. Techcello is a .Net based SaaS lifecycle Management Solution and it is built around SOA Principles, Multi-Tenant architecture, and Enterprise grade Security & Standards etc.

Increasingly SaaS consumers would like to leverage their existing on premise Identity Providers such as Active Directory, LDAP Servers along with Cloud Identity Providers for simplifying and consolidating the Authentication and authorization process. Although Microsoft .Net framework provides all the necessary tools and techniques to configure STS using ADFS, it is primarily targets the applications built for Single Organizations and not focused towards Multi-Tenant SaaS Applications.

Techcello integrates with Microsoft.Net ADFS Security Token Service, so that the application can be configured to connect with multiple Identity providers of each individual Organization/Tenant to seamlessly authenticate their users with their on premise identity stores like AD/LDAP or cloud based Identity providers. Tenants can either opt to choose their own active directory integration or use cello's membership provider for signing in.

Below is the Image representation of how the SSO architecture will look like.