Follow the below steps for Migration

1. Uninstall the CelloSaaS old Version and install the new version.

2. Create a sample application with new CelloSaaS4.4 version.

3. Run the migration script (DBScripts\4.3.2 to 4.4 migration script.sql) in your DB from CelloSaaS package. Run the migration script with Commit transaction from rollback transaction after successful execution.

4. Change data type of TenantId into uniqueidentifier in your application DB.

5. If you want change createdBy and updatedBy into uniqueidentifier.

6. Copy the following files from sample application into your application if you didn’t change anything in CelloSaaS Application.

    • App_GlobalResources
    • App_Start
    • App_Themes
    • Config
    • Content
    • Add Folder name called Modules[This will have xsd files for XML mode configuration ]
    • Script
    • Views
    • Unity.Config [Please check with your current files]
    • Global.ascx [Please check with your current files]
    • Web.Config [Please check with your current files]
    • Web.Sitemap [Please check with your current files]

    Note: If you have done any changes in the existing application, then you need to carry forward those change manually to the new application.

    7. Replace all the DLL's inside the CelloSaaS Dlls with new Dlls.

    8. Include all the new items in the project file.

    Change steps for EF (Applicable if you use EF)

    1. Update model from database if you change anything in your application database, otherwise ignore this step.

    2. Remove <<ModelName>> & <<ModelName>>.tt File

    3. Open .edmx file and right click on the empty surface and choose “Add Code Generation Item”. Choose EF 6.x CelloSaaS POCO Generator and click on Add. CelloSaaS POCO Generator generates your Model and DbContext class with below modification related to CelloSaaS4.4.

    a. Change the Tenant Id value from string to unique identifier in your application and application services.[Breaking Change]