Version :

Release Date : 08/07/2014

Download Link : CelloSaaS4.4


1. Microsoft .NET 4.5 Framework

2. Visual Studio 2012

3. MS SQL Server 2008 or MS SQL Server 2012


5. Windows 7 or Windows 8 for Development machine

6. Windows Server 2008/R2 or Windows Server 2012 for Production Deployment

Installation Guide 

1. Install "CelloSaaSPackage.vsix"

2. Create a database (e.g. "CelloSaaSDb") and execute DbScripts\CelloSaaSDb.sql

3. Open VS2012, File->New Project

4. Choose Visual C#-> CelloSaaS Web App project template

5. Open Sql.config and change the connection strings

6. Run the application

Product Admin login credentials:

Company Code: company

User name:

Password: company#123

New Features

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New UI

CelloSaaS administration portal has been updated with a new theme following metro design principles. Applications can also utilize these themes for their business domain user interface.

Pre-paid billing

Billing modules now has the capability of billing a customer in a pre-paid in addition to the post-paid model. In pre-paid model customers are billed at the beginning of the subscription period as opposed to post-paid where they are charged at the end of the subscription period.

Auto dunning trial expired tenants

Billing module now has the capability to automatically deactivate a customer if the customer has not provided the payment details prior to trial end.

Module/Features Xml mode configuration

Modules, Features and Privileges can also be configured via a simple XML configuration in addition to fluent and database configurations  

Performance & security improvements

Code has been tweaked for better security and performance after running vigorous tests

Page profiler (previously named "debug toobar") improvements

Page profiler now has the capability to also log ajax calls. 

Custom Encryption Crypto Key

 Application can customize the key store for the encryption keys and this provider is configurable via webconfig

Datascope security support in Entity Framework

Datascope featue has the capability to atutomatically inject the security conditions to the data layer for EF6.1 version

Updated product analytics pages

Product analytics featue has been upgraded with dadhboards for various views


Click here for assistance in migrating from Techcello ver.4.3.2 to Techcello ver.