Question:We have configured a new deployment with the license file and we are getting the following error:

License Error, Your trial License has expired



This error could error due to the following reason,

The the license file is not placed inside your Applicationfolder/bin/License folder before the application is deployed on the server.

If this happens Techcello is configured to take up the trial license of 15 days.

Please do the following steps to refresh the license cache.

1) Stop the Application and Cello related window services.

2) Search for "IsolatedStorage" folder from C drive,

The IsolatedStorage directory can found at

· Locations mentioned by Microsoft. click here


· C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\IsolatedStorage

3) Remove all the sub folders from search results.

4) Ensure the license file in "bin\License" folder in your application.

5) Run the Application and Window services


The license file being used by the application can be verified by browsing to: