Base Version :

Version :

Release Date : 06/03/2015

Download Link : CelloSaaS.

This patch version contains the following changes

  1. Field Level Data Scope issue fix : Exception while adding field level data scope fixed
  2.  Azure Cache issue fixed : Issues while using azure cache fixed
  3.  DateTime issue fixed : Formatting issue in dates while setting different date formats fixed
  4.  Country Name issue fixed : Fixed showing country in invoice
  5.  Blob Storage issue fixed : Issues while accessing blocb in azure fixed
  6.  QueryBuilder Issue fixed : Localization issues in query builder fixed


  1. Unique property(Duplicate Value not allowed) in master data was added.

How to apply patch

1) Run UpdateScript.sql in CelloSaaS DB

2) Replace the following files from CelloSaaS4.4.0.7 to your Web Application

i) CelloSaaS Dlls

ii) Scripts

· celloChart

· expressionbuilder

· managequery

· querybuilder

iii) Controllers

iv) Views

v) App_GlobalResources

· General.hi.resx

· General.resx

· QueryBuilderResource.resx

· QueryBuilderResource.hi.resx

· ChartDetailsResource.resx

3) Add the following files in your web Application from CelloSaaS4.4.0.7

i) App_GlobalResources

· ChartDetailsResource.hi.resx

ii) Views -> QueryBuilder ->  App_LocalResources

· Index.aspx.hi.resx

· ManageDynamicVariables.ascx.hi.resx

· ManageQuery.aspx.hi.resx

· QueriesList.ascx.hi.resx

4) Copy the following line from DataAccess container into Services container of the Unity.Config.

           <type type="IFileStorageService" mapTo="FileStorageService" name="IFileStorageService" />

5) Add the following line in configuration -> runtime -> assemblyBinding of the Web.Config file


<assemblyIdentity name="msshrtmi" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" />

<bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />