Base Version :

Version :

Release Date : 28/05/2015

Download Link : CelloSaaS. Patch

How to apply patch

1) Run the " to migration script.sql" under "\DbScripts" folder location

2) Copy and Replace the following files from "\CelloSaaS Web App" to your CelloSaaS Web Application
  i) api

     a) ExtendedDataViewController

 ii ) App_GlobalResources

     a) PackageResource.designer.cs 
     b) PackageResource.hi.designer.cs 
     c) PartitionManagementResource.designer.cs 
     d) PartitionManagementResource.hi.designer.cs 
     e) PartitionManagementResource.resx 
     f) PartitionManagementResource.hi.resx 
     g) PackageResource.hi.resx 
     h) PackageResource.resx

 iii) CelloSaaSDlls

 iv) Config

             a) redisCache.Config

 v) Controllers

a) AccessorController

b) PartitionManagementController

c) SettingsTemplateController

    vi) Models
             a) Constants

vii) OAuthHelpers

a) AuthenticationService

b) ClientService
c) TenantPostProcessor

  viii)   Views

              a) Accessor


               1) App_LocalResources


                   1.1) Index.resx

               2) APIKeys.ascx

               3) Index.aspx

    b) Dashboard

       1) UsageAlert

     c) Package

       1) ManagePlanLineItem

      d) PartitionManagement

        1) AddDataModuleDetails

      e) Shared

         1) RenderForm
         2) TenantTemplates
             2.1) ViewSettingsTemplate
         3) UsernamePartial 
         4) LogOn.Master
  xi) Scripts
         a) celloworkflow.js

x) Web.sitemap
3) Add the following reference from CelloSaaSDlls folder in your CelloSaaS web app

i) CelloSaaS.CacheProviders.dll 
ii) StackExchange.Redis.StrongName.dll

4) Include the following files in your application

i) Config\redisCache.config
ii) api\ExtendedDataViewController.cs
iii) Views\Shared\RenderForm.ascx
iv) Controllers\AccessorController
v) Views\Accessor

5) Add the following setting in AppSettings.Config(Config\AppSettings.Config) file of the CelloSaaS Web Application



  <add key="RobotUserName" value="RobotUser"/>

  <add key="RobotRole" value="GR$Robot"/>

  <add key="AssignSelfRegistrationURL" value="true"/>

6) Add the following line in EntityPermissions.Config (Config\EntityPermissions.Config) file of the CelloSaaS Web Application

under (EntityPermission -> EntityCategory -> UI -> Entity) section

         <!--Api Accessor-->

        <add name="/accessor/*" AuthorizationRule="R:GR$Product_Admin"/>

7) Add the following line in Web.Config file of the CelloSaaS Web Application

under (TenantProvisionSetting-> PostProcess) section

<add name="UserTenantPostProcessor" assembly="WebApplication" type=" CelloSaaSWebClient.Services.TenantPostProcessor" />

Note: Please give your web application assembly instead of assembly="WebApplication" in above settings.

5) Copy and Replace the CelloSaaS.AuthorizationServer project from "" patch

Note: Please update the sql.config ,authServerConfig.json and AppSettings.config with your settings