This angular app uses a Javascript plug-in to talk to the AuthServer for the redirection and setting the headers with the "Bearer" token for each REST API calls.

Setting up the Sample Application

  1. Update the ClientDetails table to set the "RedirectUris" to point to the angular js sample application URL
  2. Open the file[TodoSPA-cello\App\Scripts\app.js] and then set the following

instance: 'https://localhost:44300', // URL of the AuthorizationServer
tenant: 'implicit', // Constant, this need not be altered
clientId: '2af3d511-7c80-453a-8062-01ec8a7b2ba1', // The above step1 will have this client Id, verification alone is required to be done here.
extraQueryParameter: 'nux=1',
//cacheLocation: 'localStorage', // enable this for IE, as sessionStorage does not work for localhost.