CelloSaaS use the Blob Storage for storing the files and logo. 

Configure the Blob Storage: 

  • Replace the following entry under the Services container of the "Unity.Config" file


<type type="IFileStorageService" mapTo="FileStorageService" name="IFileStorageService" />


<type type="IFileStorageService" mapTo="BlobFileStorageService" name="IFileStorageService" />


  • Please add following line in "AppSettingsConfig" in your web application.


<add key="DefaultContainerName" value=""/>


Note: The value in the DefaultContainerName would be the name of the container in BLOB Storage. If you do not give the value, by default “mycontainer” would be created.

Configuring your Blob connection string for azure web app:

  • Please add the blob connection string in following setting in the AppSettings.Config file of the Application.


<add key="DataConnectionString" value="DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=cellosaas;AccountKey=3owFzhLA==" />


Configuring your Blob connection string from an Azure cloud service:

  • Within the Solution Explorer of Visual Studio, in the Roles folder of your Azure Deployment Project, right-click your web role or worker role and click Properties.




  • Click the Settings tab and press the Add Setting button.

A new Setting1 entry will then show up in the settings grid.
Change the entry Name to DataConnectionString.

  • In the Type drop-down of the new DataConnectionString entry and choose Connection String.

  • Click the “...” button at the right end of the DataConnectionString entry. The Storage Account Connection String dialog will open.
  • Choose whether you want to target the storage emulator (Windows Azure storage simulated on your local machine) or a storage account in the cloud. The code in this guide works with either option.
  • If you are targeting a storage account in the cloud, then enter the primary access key for that storage account