To use the Redis cache in CelloSaaS, Please do the following steps


1) Please map the RedisCacheManager to ICelloSaaSCacheManager instead of InMemoryCacheManager in Unity.config file at the web application


 <register type="ICelloSaaSCacheManager" mapTo="RedisCacheManager" name="ICelloSaaSCacheManager">
      <interceptor type="InterfaceInterceptor" />
      <policyInjection />

instead of the below configuration

<register type="ICelloSaaSCacheManager" mapTo="InMemoryCacheManager" name="ICelloSaaSCacheManager">
      <interceptor type="InterfaceInterceptor" />
      <policyInjection />


To Change the Redis accounts,Please do the following steps

1) Open the redisCache.Config file under config folder and change your Redis account details over there.


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<cachingConfiguration defaultCacheManager="Redis Cache Manager">
    <Add name="Redis Cache Manager" HostName="" AccessKey=""
         Ssl="true" AllowAdmin="true" LocalCacheTtl="18000" UseLocalCache="true"  SyncKeys="" abortConnect="False" />