The following is the versioning strategy followed by CelloSaaS

There are two types of Releases made in CelloSaaS

  1. Major Release
    1. For any newer technological upgrade [Like .net 4.6 / MVC 5 etc]
    2. For any major architectural changes within CelloSaaS
    3. This involves the changes in the "AssemblyVersion"
  2. Upgrades
    1. Individual feature upgrades
    2. Issue fixes if any
    3. This involves the changes in the "AssemblyFileVersion"

The release typically happens in the following modes

  1. Library
    1. Any dll changes involved in the release will be shipped as nugets
  2. Source / DB Scripts
    1. Any source code / database scripts will be shipped as pacakges in compressed format, which should be merged with the existing application code / database scripts if there is any customization that was done

All the releases will be updated in and the detailed steps to merge the code / upgrade the database will also be provided in a readme file.

For any further questions, please drop an email to