This Patch allows to configure multiple WAAD clients in the system.

Steps to Upgrade CelloSaaS WebApp and AuthServer

I) Database Changes

Execute the attached DB Script "CelloSaaS4.5.0.13.sql" against the cellosaas database


II) Steps to Upgrade from CelloSaaS to



Dll & Source Code Changes



Install the following nuget packages in the WebApplication Project

a. CelloSaaS.Web -Version

b. CelloSaaS.AuthServer.Client - Version

c. CelloSaaS.WebApp -Version [Source Code]


Package Manager Commands


install-package CelloSaaS.Web


install-package CelloSaaS.AuthServer.Client


install-package CelloSaaS.WebApp


While installing the nuget package CelloSaaS.WebApp, if you get any prompt message, to handle file conflicts, the [A] option can be chosen. This will overwrite the existing files with the new changes


In case of any file being skipped in this process, include the following files in the project if they are not already included

> Controllers\AuthSettingsController.cs

> Views\AuthSettings

> Scripts\adfs_settings.js





The following keys are added in the appsettings config file.

<add key="ActiveDirectoryIdp" value="221480D5-4AE4-4C9D-9C1D-025716FF33B0"/>

<add key="AuthServerCacheUriSegment" value="api/cache"/>


III) Steps to Upgrade from AuthServer



Dll & Source Code Changes



Install the following nuget packages in the AuthServer Project

a. CelloSaaS.AuthServer -Version

b. CelloSaaS.AuthServerApp -Version [Source Code]


Package Manager Commands


install-package CelloSaaS.AuthServer


install-package CelloSaaS.AuthServerApp




Add the following keys to store the Client Id and Secret for Azure Active Directory

"WaaDClientId": "564ee680-edc6-428b-b04b-d34093e34d40",

"WaadClientSecret": "+zvemFMyO1l1aDqwzhBFQDrc2GTBvMYpT3vDBnxktig="