Version :

Release Date : 25/03/2016

Download Link : CelloSaaS Web App 4.6




     .NET 4.6.1

      VS  2013, 2015

      SQL - 2012 and higher, Azure SQL Database 

Technology Upgrade

          1. Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1 with tooling support for Visual Studio 2013 / 2015.

          2. This version support latest Azure DLLs

          3. This version support upgraded version of Unity and Policy Application Block and Rewrite of Caching, Logging, Exception Handling Providers, which eliminate the dependency on Enterprise Library blocks.

          4. This version supports upgraded Log4Net. 


          1) Bulk Update of Extension Fields Support which enables to upload bulk business entity data along with the captured extension field data

          2) Async Support in BaseDAL, which will facilitate the asynchronous invocation of the DAL layers from the application implementation, to                    facilitate the support for Async features in ADO.Net and Entity framework

          3) File upload support in extension fields, which extends the current supported data types for extension fields to include the file type along with              the other primitive data types



Migration Steps

         Follow the below following steps to migrate previous CelloSaaS versions to CelloSaaS

           1. Change All the project .net TargetFramework 4.6.1

           2. Remove the all CelloSaaS dlls in references as well as project location then install required CelloSaaS packages from Nuget package                       manager .The CelloSaaS packages are listed below, Please check and install the required packages latest version.

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.AuthServer.client

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.Billing

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.BusinessService

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.DAL

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.Core

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.Engines

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.License

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.ExternalDlls

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.Plumbing

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.Reporting

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.Utils

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.Web

                              Install-Package CelloSaaS.Workflow

3. Download the CelloSaaSWebApp and overwrite the contents to the new one

4.Please compare the web.config and unity.config in CelloSaaSWebApp, and then merge these two files

5.Please check the files from \Config folder in the CelloSaaSWebApp project  include the new files  and compare all existing  files and merge if necessary

6.Run the attahced db script