Techcello is releasing the Road Map for the version 4.10 with exciting features. This version is planned to be released in January end

Following are the summary of the features

Feature Additions

  • Dynamic Dashboard Framework:  Applications will be able to build and publish portlets which can be configured by tenant administrators dynamically. The dashoboard can be accessed from the application via shared access token.

Technology Upgrades

  • Azure service fabric support: Different APIS of cello will be ported to an azure service fabric based microservice architecture. As a result of this each API can be indepently scaled and deployed.
  • Azure Market Place Support:  Independent modules will be made available through azure market place. Techcello's customers will be able to use the following modules indepently from Azure market place in a pay as you go model. 
    • IAM
    • Subscription Management
    • Notifciation Management
    • Workflow Management
    • Configuration Management
    • Dashboard Management
    • Adhoc Reporting Service

Further write up on these features will be added shortly..